WOMA Health™ is best suited for an organization that sources many diverse PPE items, understands distribution, logistics, and has an acute appreciation for received product now.

We are a large wholesale distributor of PPE and given the scale and delivery of items needed in the PPE market currently, it will be imperative that industry relationships with teaming agreements are made, financing north of $60 million in place, multi-nation distribution and sourcing is had, with clear systems for delivery and distribution in place.

The success of delivering on a program that is in the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside Continental Unites States (OCONUS) relies on a vast network of resources both internally and externally to ensure variety of choice of product. It is imperative that your PPE provider is able to distribute the products and effectively manage the logistics of said distribution to service a contract of this nature.

WOMA Health has United States distribution in New York, California and Florida. We have European distribution in Hinckley, United Kingdom and satellites in China and Sydney, Australia. 

Let WOMA Health help your team protect your people.